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SoffiaB Luxury Robes & Dressing Gowns Presents Four Unique Collections An abridged history of the dressing gown or robe CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- US Based British Luxury Robe & Dressing Gown Designer SoffiaB is pleased to showcase four unique collections of luxurious robes and dressing gowns to reflect the changing trends in loungewear. The dressing gown or robe's origins are rather unclear.  Some say it was invented in India with the banyan, others in the Far East with the kimono, and still others from the Middle East.  We do know men got them first in the 1700s in the West, when a robe was an item of clothing made typically of a rich brocade or silk and used during morning ablutions or when relaxing in the evening when their day coats were too restricting. SoffiaB Persephone Collection featuring Sugar & Spice and Wild Thing Luxury Robes By the mid-1800s the ladies began to wear dressing gowns and robes as well, offering a break from their tightly laced corsets.  Wearing robes and dressing gowns with undergarments for breakfast, for sewing, and generally relaxing, whilst maintaining propriety around the servants.  With the advent of the industrial revolution it became unseemly to be perceived as the idle rich and robes and dressing gowns began to be made of cotton, less richly adorned, more widely available, and limited to the morning and evening toilette. Today in the western world we use our robes not only for our morning and evening rituals, but also when visiting the spa, on the beach, post-surgery, and with the current trends out in public as an outer garment.  Luxe loungewear is no longer only for the confines of the home. SoffiaB applauds this development and their four collections provide flexibility for the wearer.  The original Daphne collection of silk charmeuse, velvet accents, vibrant prints and full length style can as easily be worn in the boudoir as to a night at the opera.  With the double brushed cotton lining they provide warmth and breathability. The Delphine collection also made of silk charmeuse but lined with a far lighter sea island cotton would be perfectly suitable for both bedroom, patio and out to dinner in the evening.  Whereas the Delphine Shortie is just fun, silk, lightweight and perfect for lounging by the pool with girlfriends.  The latest Persephone line is similar to Daphne with silk, velvet and brushed cotton but with a ชุด เครื่อง นอน jessica slightly shorter length looks fantastic as a jacket, duster, or worn over the shoulders. Sophie Burkart, the founder/designer says, "the demands on women in the home, in business, as care-giver, and as provider are greater than ever.  SoffiaB aims to make robes and dressing gowns that can handle double-duty, but essentially provide the wearer a sense of well-being and comfort." All collections are available exclusively online at in sizes XXS, XS, S, M and L.  Continuing their select approach, all robes are made in the US in New York's garment district and are offered as limited editions. SoffiaB designs and manufactures luxury robes & dressing gowns offering "a little luxury in the bedroom", started in January 2012 by Sophie Burkart.  Contact us at for a complete SoffiaB Media Kit.

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