During the count, officials recorded that not a single vote had been cast for that party. Election officials at the stations denied there were violations or count irregularities. It is unlikely that any irregularities at these polling stations would have been on a scale that could have affected the result. The incidents are only a narrow snapshot of what was happening across Russia's 11 time zones and thousands of polling stations on an election day that was a test of whether support for Putin and his allies had held up despite a recession and Western sanctions. Reuters was unable to assess independently if such practices were widespread. Reuters sent reporters to a random sample of 11 polling stations across central and western Russia on polling day, including in and around Moscow. At three of them, there were large discrepancies between the number of voters Reuters reporters counted, and the number that officials recorded. At four of the other eight, there were also some irregularities, including smaller discrepancies in the voter tallies and people saying they had been paid or pressured to vote. Ella Pamfilova, chairwoman of Russia's Central Election Commission, told news briefingsthat the vote had been more transparent than the previous election, citing the use of live webcams in some polling stations. She said the webcams had shown some cases of vote-rigging, and that they would be investigated.

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