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Gemma Emery said: "We currently run Emery Newsagents in Holyrood Street Chard, and are now opening a pre-loved baby and toddler clothing shop. "We are currently working hard to get the room ready but are fully on target for opening day. "Our Little Emery's, as the shop will be known, will stock pre-loved quality clothing for newborns up to the age of two. We will stock designer and high street brands at affordable prices. "We are currently selling our very own little Emery's baby clothes, but once we get a better feel for the market and demand we will be looking at offering trade in where customers can bring in their own pre-loved baby and toddler clothes and receive cash or credit. "Chard is lacking in children's shops and the response so far has been very positive so we are certain that this venture will be a success for all. "We will also be stocking shoes, toys and accessories." Gemma and Andrew have two children, Livia, 3, and Robin, 1. Mr Emery added: "We have a boy and a girl, and shopping in Chard there is not really anywhere to buy children's clothes or children's second hand clothes. "We have got the newsagents and we are always looking at new ways to bring in more business. "We will start off selling the stock we have got, which is hundreds, and then we will look into doing trading. "We have been planning this for more than a year and it has taken so long to get there, but we are getting there now.

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Hate trying on clothes in shops, it stresses me out so much